Friday, October 21, 2011

Quick Profile: Premier Reprographics, San Diego, CA

Premier Reprographics

9178 Chesapeake Drive

San Diego, CA 92123

O: 858-467-1200

F: 858-467-1206

Premier is a full service reprographics company operating in the San Diego, CA market area. Apparently, the do not offer an e-planroom service.

I came across this firm when I was doing some Google research on reviews (customer reviews) of reprographics companies in the U.S. Below, I mention only one of the positive reviews I found about Premier.

This is the kind of review all reprographers want! (I found this review on

Reviewer: Alexis K, San Diego, Rating: 5 stars!


I wish I could add more stars!

I am a small business owner and have printed with Premier for over a year now. Printing is a huge necessity in my profession and was ecstatic when I finally found a reprographics that I could stick with. Where do I begin on why they deserve 5+ stars:

1. Lu, co-owner, is friendly and he actually takes pride in everything that he prints. I have never had a faulty print or a color mis-match. Everyone at Premier does whatever they can to make sure that the print job is done right. Lu and everyone who works there offer the best customer service!

2. The only place I know that is open late (until 7pm) and open on Saturdays and do not charge extra. Like others in my profession, we work up until the last minute and print right before our deadline. I will send a file to be printed and then call to let them know that it needs to be rushed and that I will be picking up the order in 15 minutes (at 6:50pm). Or I have needed something printed at 7am Saturday morning. They are terrific and not once did I ever hear them complain about my demanding orders :)

3. Affordable! No matter what you are printing, they will beat any other reprographics. I have printed at OCB and Mesa, but unfortunately they do not even come close to Premier's affordability and quality.

4. Quality: Premier is stocked with all the printing equipment and tools to get the job done right (yes, I have snooped around their printing room). No print job is too small or too big. Clients range from nation wide companies to small companies or individuals like myself. They always provide test prints and if you are a frequent customer, they will save all of your printing preferences. Like others, they also have an FTP where you can upload your files to print or you can just email them. 

5. Delivery / Location. I prefer their new location in Kearny Mesa over Mission Valley because they are close to many of my consultants and they are on the way to downtown from where I work. I never needed their delivery service on a consistent basis, however they did provide a rush delivery for me because I forgot a set of prints.

If you are in need of printing a single photo or fifty sets of plans or a six foot sign, I would recommend Premier Reprographics for all your printing needs because they actually know what they are doing and understand what you are looking for (unlike Staples or those 24 hour places that just give you blank stares in return), while still providing excellent customer service!

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