Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick Profile of three of the largest “reprographers” in the United Kingdom (UK)

If any of my blog-visitors from across the pond (American slang for the Atlantic Ocean) know of other large U.K.-based reprographics companies, please kindly bring them to my attention (and I’ll amend this post to include them.)

Most reprographers are aware that two of the U.S.’ largest reprographics companies, American Reprographics Co (ARC) and ABC Imaging (ABC) have operations in the U.K., each having purchased companies during the past few years.

But, most reprographers in the U.S. (at least I think this is the case) are not completely aware of the larger U.K.-based reprographers. I, for one, am not completely aware of all of the reprographers active in the U.K. market. Inasmuch as the reprographics marketplace has become at least somewhat global – quite a number of Architecture firms and Engineering firms and Construction companies (and Project Management companies) have offices in the U.S. and in the U.K. - there may, on some occasions, be the need for U.S. reprographers to “partner” with U.K. reprographers.

Here’s a very quick profile of three of the larger U.K. based reprographers:

HOBS REPROGRAPHICS (www.hobsrepro.com)

Hobs Reprographics plc, established in Liverpool in 1969, is a company that has built its reputation on two pillars of excellence: excellent quality and excellent people. 

On this firm foundation Hobs has developed into the fastest and most successful independent reprographics company, with a network of 29 branches and over 300 employees across the UK and Ireland. With 38 years experience of working with the AEC industry, as well as many leading design companies and creative communications agencies, we understand the importance of quality, speed and flexibility to your business. 

For a more tailored solution, Hobs On-Site can bring the print room to you with complete installation of equipment, management and staff. Now with the launch of Hobs legal docs, a PD0008 approved dedicated service for the legal profession, we’ve got all your professional reprographic needs covered. 

Whatever reprographic or document management service you require, Hobs mission is to ensure that the latest leading edge technology together with the highest qualified people deliver the best possible results- every time. Our philosophy of continuous investment in research and development has awarded us the proud position of independent reprographics leader and pioneer of new technologies in the United Kingdom.

Note: I’ve met gents from HOBS Repro, in the past, at IRgA and OCE conventions and conferences. Great guys, quality operation.

CALLPRINT (www.callprint.co.uk)

With an extensive list of locations and our partnership with ReproMax, Callprint can offer a fast efficient reprographic service throughout the UK, North America and much of Europe. Additionally we have 24 hour offices, and can arrange weekend cover when needed. Callprint also offer a free pick-up & delivery service to our account holders.

Callprint was established in 1992. Its founders, Terry Rutter, Alan Cheek and Norman Krangel have previously held executive roles in major U.K. reprographic companies, and with their guidance Callprint has evolved into a well established, customer focused and socially responsible organization.

From the outset Callprint's main objective was to be a quality led reprographic and print service provider and with this aim in mind, devoted itself solely to the reprographic trade. A further objective was to be market leaders in the new technologies that were being introduced to the reprographic industry. To achieve this it invested heavily in these developments and is proud to have introduced into the UK new processes and software such as Apprentice (now known as Oce ReproDesk).

17 years later we are still a technology led company, we actively research and develop new processes and systems for the benefit of our customers, attend all trade shows and technology events plus working in partnership with manufacturers in the development of their equipment and software systems

Callprint has grown organically and by acquisition to its current turnover in excess, of £12,000,000. With over 170 employees it now has sixteen branch locations plus twelve FM sites of which six are fully equipped and manned Reprographic Centers.

Callprint recognizes that the environment is fundamental to existence. We strive for excellence, leadership, sustainability, and integrity through improvement in our environmental performance and management. Awareness of our environmental impact is a responsibility of all employees at every level in the company. All personnel have an obligation to apply operating practices and procedures which will ensure protection of the environment. Our ongoing commitment to the environment is demonstrated by our ISO 14001 accreditation for environmental stewardship and our current project to obtain FSC accreditation.

Callprint is wholly owned by Callprint Group Ltd, whose shareholders are the directors of Callprint.

Note: Callprint is one of the partners in LINK DSG, a business formed by Thomas Repro, NRI and Callprint. Callprint also operates in Dubai. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Steve Cheek. Wonderful, friendly guy. Callprint is a first-class operation; no wonder why Thomas Repro and NRI chose to partner with Callprint when they got together to form LINK DSG.

SERVICE POINT UK (www.servicepointuk.com)

Across 40 connected locations you can produce your project closest to the final point of need removing the pollution associated with traditional forms of logistics.

Note: Service Point UK is a member of the Service Point Solutions group of companies. SP’s U.S. Division, based in Boston, has extensive operations in the U.S. market. Taken altogether, Service Point Solutions, is the second largest “reprographics” company in the world (#2 after ARC; no, I’m not counting OCE, because OCE is primarily in the equipment and supplies business.) Service Point’s U.K. business used to be known, years ago, as “U.D.O”, which stood for “United Drawing Office” (so I’m told.) Service Point U.K. is a very large operations perhaps the largest reprographics operation in the U.K. Service Point Solutions is a publicly-held company and its stock trades on the Spanish Stock Exchange.

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