Tuesday, October 25, 2011

IRgA Networking Reception at SGIA – very brief wrap-up

Several visitors to Reprographics 101 asked if I would be posting anything about the IRgA Networking reception that was held at the SGIA convention/conference. Although I did not go to the SGIA, I did ask Bob Roperti, President of the IRgA (and who did go to New Orleans for the IRgA Networking reception and the SGIA show) to jot me a note to tell me how things went. And, here’s what he said to me:

From: Robert Roperti

Date: October 24, 2011 3:38:36 PM EDT

To: joel salus

Subject: Re: IRgA Networking reception


SGIA is a vibrant industry tradeshow immersed in success and expanding markets.

They've got (SGIA has) an over abundance of worldwide vendors and suppliers knocking themselves-out to introduce new products. Mike Robertson (of the SGIA) said that they had 15,000 pre-registered, but expected the gate numbers would be higher.

ReproMax and Pier Group held their meeting over the weekend in conjunction with the SGIA.

The IRGA Reception was attended by 38 reprographers and vendors. The flat $35 fee covered the open bar and snacks.

Since this was a first time event, we had no idea if anyone would attend, but, in-fact, the senior management (of the SGIA) came to chat about business trends, vendor offerings, and the new equipment on the floor. Kip, Oce, Contex, National Azon and Quality Laminating were sponsors for the event.

On a longer-range look at our industry... we need industry networking events to stay abreast of people, changes in management, changes in ownership and the ability to reach out to friends for services outside of our markets. The affinity groups play a special role in this same task, but the economy has also impacted their memberships and geographic coverage.



Robert J. Roperti

Jiffy Reprographics, Inc.

Clearwater, FL 33756

Note from Joel: In a subsequent post, I will be talking about the IRgA’s change in direction and the new membership structure and fees.

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