Friday, March 18, 2011

ABC Imaging - ABC's Annual Sales mentioned in an article on the Internet

The two articles mentioned in the post are “old news”, having appeared on the Internet in Jan 2010 and Dec 2009. The only reason why I’m even mentioning these two articles is because one of the articles mentions ABC Imaging’s annual sales revenues, and I’ve not found anything else on the Internet (or otherwise) that mentions ABC’s annual sales revenues.

Unlike ARC and Service Point Solutions, ABC Imaging is a privately held company, and, from what I know of ABC Imaging, it is an intensely private company with respect to its financial information.

Anyway, inasmuch as ABC Imaging is one of the five largest “reprographics” enterprises in the U.S. (of not in the world), I thought this post would be of interest people who visit “Reprographics 101”.

The first article is one that appeared in January 2010. You will notice that ABC Imaging’s Sales Revenues are mentioned in this article. This article appeared well into the recession, and it could be that ABC Imaging’s annual sales have declined since then. However, it could also be that ABC Imaging’s annual sales have increased since then; ABC Imaging has announced quite a number of “major” (i.e., large) FM deals within the past 18 months.

Blog-author’s commentary will continue later on in this post.

“ABC Imaging Strikes Deal to Purchase Burton Imaging”

(January 2010) posted on Mon Jan 04, 2010

New owner plans to expand operations of the facility.

ABC Imaging, the document services and reprographic company, has acquired Pennsylvania-based Burton Imaging, purchasing the company’s assets and accounts.

Burton Imaging, now ABC Imaging, is located in Bensalem Pennsylvania near Philadelphia; the facility comprises a 60,000-square-foot building housing seven outdoor/indoor large-format and grand-format color printers. The new parent company reports that it plans to expand the operations of this facility and has already added reprographic/blueprint services, printing store display/advertising and décor products for regional/national accounts.

Founded in 1982 in Washington DC by Medi Falsafi as American Blueprinting Company, ABC Imaging now has annual sales exceeding $80 million and boasts 25 retail locations and other sites in the US, Europe, China, and Dubai; in addition, it has 300 facility-managed sites in the US. Falsafi remains the company’s president and CEO; its corporate headquarters are in Washington.

Continuing on, there’s “a story behind the story” of ABC’s acquisition of Burton Imaging. This next article appeared in December 2009 and went into great detail about ABC Imaging’s acquisition of Burton. The article, I think, implies that, had ABC Imaging not acquired Burton Imaging’s assets (and operations) that Burton Imaging would have closed its doors.

“International Company ABC Imaging Strikes Deal to Purchase Philadelphia Based Imaging Company”

ABC Imaging – a Washington DC based international reprographics and document management firm – takes advantage of the downward turn of Pennsylvania’s Burton Imaging, a large format printing company, and strikes a deal to purchase.

December 29, 2009When the economy took a dive, many businesses felt the crunch. Some businesses, unable to recover after months of tight spending from consumers and business owners and executives alike, were forced to close their doors.

ABC Imaging – an international document services and reprographic companyseized the opportunity to expand upon the market of large format printing acquiring the Pennsylvania based Burton Imaging rather than let it become another victim of the economy’s downward turn. The deal with Burton Imaging’s owners to purchase the assets and accounts, not only saved jobs that would have been lost, but provided the assets needed to offer products and services to ABC Imaging’s existing and expanding client base. 
Burton Imaging, now ABC Imaging, is located in Bensalem Pennsylvania near Philadelphia and adds to the growing chain of locations across the U.S., Europe, China and the U.A.E. The facility resides in a 60,000 square foot building and has the capacity to produce massive flexible media for the outdoor advertising industry, interior decor graphics and signs for regional/national multi-store chains, transit authorities’ promotional and directional needs and can warehouse and ship custom products as needed.

I have personally had the chance to visit ABC Imaging’s new facility and was overwhelmed by its enormity. The flexible media work tables are a huge 100 feet by 17 feet and other finishing tables are 52 feet by 16 feet which allow huge building wrap advertisements to be produced and finished to the required specifications.

The facility’s departments are maintained by top industry professionals which understand the client’s needs and produce products of the highest quality to supply the demands in an efficient manner. Going green is part of ABC Imaging’s strategy. General Manager, Wayne Schur says, “Printing with the HP FB6700 flatbed water based ink technology not only is environmentally safe but provides years of outdoor life. It is another way we can be responsible towards our environment”.

ABC Imaging houses 7 outdoor/indoor large format and grand format color printers that range from 60 inches to 16 feet across relying on the quality Hewlett Packard brings to the table. Wayne says, “The HP Scitex Vision Turbojet 8300 printer’s speed is phenomenal. It prints with speeds of over 4300 sq ft/hr. With 2 in operation, we keep up with the demands of our large accounts with no problem”. Wayne goes on to say, “With additional printers such as 3 HP Scitex16 foot XL1500s, 1 HP FB6700 Flatbed printer and last, an HP 9000 Designjet printer which, by the way, all utilize specialized Onyx RIP (Raster Image Processing) software, we can easily provide speedy production providing the capacity to handle any print and sign job handed to us”.

ABC Imaging plans to expand the operations of this facility and has added reprographic/blueprint services, printing store display / advertising and décor products for regional/national accounts. ABC Imaging is one of the largest providers of comprehensive print and reprographic services in the world today with annual sales exceeding $80 million from its combined stores. With ABC Imaging stores in Europe, China and Dubai along with over 25 retail locations in the U.S. and over 300 FM (Facility Managed) sites throughout the United States, ABC Imaging provides a range of products seen every day throughout our lives, whether it be in the form of a printed document, billboard or an advertisement somewhere in public view.

Once in a while, there really is good that can come from a bad situation and this is one of those times. Jobs were saved and the future looks bright for ABC Imaging’s newest acquisition.


  1. Since this is "Old News",if you were not aware, ABC has since closed the PA operations and incorporated it into their exsisting DC operations.

  2. Everything in this article is sugar coated to the extreme. What may be one of the largest repro companies in the US is far from the best place to work.