Friday, March 4, 2011

ABC Imaging primed to release the next generation of BlueprintOnline—


Washington, DC—February 24, 2011—ABC Imaging plans to release BPOL Next Generation, the latest version of on March 1.

A comprehensive web-based application, BPOL NG enables cross-functional collaboration and communication for work teams needing document and project management for the project life cycle. Next Generation is the most significant upgrade to BPOL since the web-based application was launched in 1999.

"Next Generation delivers on our vision of a BPOL as an all-in-one platform for ABC Imaging applications," said Medi Falsafi, CEO and President of ABC Imaging. "Next Generation also unveils new features and a new approach to service and support. We are continuing to make BPOL NG the best software of its kind."

The redesigned home page for Next Generation will be the most visible change to users. BPOL NG developers have created a desktop-like interface that allows users to open multiple windows within the application. Additional features enable the appearance and functionality of the interface to be customized for the user and the organization. Users will also see increased functionality in existing BPOL modules.

"We've spent much of the last six months developing these features," said Scott Butikis, Director of Document Solutions at ABC Imaging, which includes management of BPOL. "Our focus has been on creating a complete product for the AEC industry."

Joel’s comment:

Last September (2010), ABC issued a Press Release to announce that Scott Butikis, AIA, had joined ABC Imaging as its “Director of Document Solutions.” That press release included this information about Mr. Butikis: “Mr. Butikis has more than 17 years experience in architecture with an emphasis on the disciplines used to execute projects for the hospitality industry. Recently, he developed and coordinated two 800 to 1,000 room hotels and associated structures for a major gaming operation in Florida.”

Not too long ago, ARC announced and released “PlanWell Collaborate”, and, not long after that, ReproMAX announced and began to release “cMAX.” Although I don’t know exactly what these software products actually do, it “sounds like” ABC Imaging’s newest version of BPOL (Blueprint-OnLine) is similar to ARC’s PlanWell Collaborate and ReproMAX’s cMAX “products”. I am not aware that ABC Imaging makes its software products available to independent reprographers. I don’t think that’s the case. On the other hand, ARC’s PlanWell Collaborate product is available to any non-ARC reprographer who would like to use and promote that product, and ReproMAX’s cMAX product is available to members of the ReproMAX organization. (Over 100 independent reprographers belong to ReproMAX.)

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