Thursday, March 10, 2011

ishipdocs version 2.0 to be released in April 2011

Very recently, we did a post on the blog in which ARC’s ishipdocs software product (and service) was mentioned. Soon after that, one of our very-frequent blog visitors (he’s the President of a reprographics company, and his company is a member of The PEiR Group) sent me an e-mail in which he mentioned this:

"By the way, PEiR is now including iShipdocs in PEiR memberships like the one we have.”

I took his comment to mean that some PEiR Group memberships now include ishipdocs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all PEiR Group memberships include ishipdocs. (I’m sure that Shaun Meany, President of The PEiR Group knows the answer to that, so contact him for information about it.)

I received an e-mail very early this morning [actually it was 4:07 am EST (which means that the young man who sent it to me, Mahil Maurice, who lives and works in California, was up doing work at 1:07 am California time)] about ishipdocs, essentially to let me know that version 2.0 of ishipdocs will soon be released. Mahil is a very sharp young man, and, anyone who is up working at 1:07 am in the morning is, without question, “my kind of guy.” Mahil is the “product manager” for ARC’s ishipdocs product. You won’t meet anyone more passionate about business than Mahil is.

Anyway, Mahil sent me an e-mail to let me know that ishipdocs version 2.0 will soon be released. Below, you will see the e-mail he sent me, and, after that e-mail, you will see a link that you can clink on to access the extensive, very-detailed “white paper” about ishipdocs that Mahil e-mailed to me early this morning.

From: Mahil Maurice

Date: March 10, 2011 4:07:00 AM EST

To: joel salus

Subject: ishipdocs next version

Hope all is well at your end. I liked your blog post one “repro and the gun shy approach towards pricing.” Spot on!!!

We are coming up with ishipdocs 2.0, where we are taking the work flow to the customer to – Store, Share, Send and Print Anywhere. In other words customers will have the ability to send files up to 3 GB directly from Outlook, Back up documents in the cloud, Share docs with user communities, drop box and send a print job to our Global Distribution Center for a print anywhere in the world.

ishipdocs 2.0 is targeted for launch in late April (2011)

I’ve attached the white paper for you.



“White Paper” on ishipdocs 2.0 (as of March 10, 2011)

Okay, to access this document, click on this link:

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