Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Regarding the acquisition of SepiaLine by LINK DSG

This post is related to the two posts I’ve already put on the blog about the “LINK DSG” deal.

As previously noted, two of the U.S. reprographics industry’s largest players, Thomas Reprographics and NRI (National Reprographics), have joined with one of the largest players in the U.K. reprographics industry, Callprint, to form LINK Document Solutions Group (LINK DSG.)

Evidently, LINK’s first order of business was to acquire SepiaLine, one the premier developers of ‘cost recovery’ software solutions widely used by U.S. reprographers who offer FM/MPS service programs and sold by SepiaLine resellers to end-user A/E/C (and other) customers.

Yesterday’s announcement caused a lot of discussion (and, I would imagine, some debate) in and around the reprographics industry, and not just in the U.S., but overseas as well. Since posting an article about the LINK deal yesterday, I’ve had over 300 visitors to my blog, and nearly 200 of those visitors have viewed the first post I did about the LINK deal.

Earlier today, I posted a follow-up article about the deal, sharing with my blog-readers certain facts about the deal and my opinions about the deal.

This evening, I received an e-mail from Doug Magid, Pres of NRI and one of the principals involved in LINK DSG; in the e-mail Doug sent me this evening, he provided me a (no pun intended) link to an article that was posted on SepiaLine.com’s web-site, sometime today.

That article contains Sepialine’s explanation of the LINK deal and it also provides an extensive list of Q&A’s. If you want to review that document you can access it by clicking on this link:


Or, if for some reason, you have trouble accessing Sepialine’s document at the foregoing link, you can also access it on my Google Doc’s site; here’s the link to access it that way:


I’ve read the document that SepiaLine authored, and any and all questions I had were answered.

This will likely be the last post on my blog about the LINK DSG deal, unless someone provokes me to go further on this topic.

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