Monday, March 14, 2011

MAC hard-drive failed - ScrewboxSolutions to the rescue!

Back-up my computer? Sure, NOT.

At the ripe young age at 64, I consider myself only “somewhat” computer literate. Computer-literate enough to get myself in trouble. Which is what happens, when one doesn’t routinely do back-ups.

So, on Friday evening, while I’m opening an Excel file, Excel freezes and ….. so does my six-month old MAC laptop. Turn it off, turn it on, nothing happens. Do that again and again, nothing happens. NOT good!

So, I go over to the Apple Store in Tampa and visit the Apple Genius Bar to see what’s wrong with my computer ….. and with high hopes they can get me up and running. Surely, the problem couldn’t be my MAC; it’s only 6 months old!

Problem; hard-drive failed. Mega-problem: I haven’t backed up since mid September!

Apple’s solution: take out my old failed hard-drive, replace it with a new hard-drive. Cost, $0.00, since I’m under warranty. But, what about all my data?! “Sorry, we don’t deal with that.”

After a heart-wrenching weekend, during which I spent a ton of time on-line trying to figure out what to do about the data on my failed hard-drive (including reading MAC forums, where several people recommended I put the hard-drive in the freezer), I drove on Monday morning to Tampa to visit a small store called “” (recommended to me by the guys/gals at the Apple Store.)

Steve Bush, a former Apple Genius Bar “senior” team member, started, about three years ago, to offer “specialized” MAC services – for MACs out of warranty and for nutcakes like me who want “special” service.

Steve is a genius ….. and I’m not kidding. It’s now Monday afternoon, and my MAC is up and running with all of the data he retrieved from my failed hard-drive. He not only recovered all of my Excel, Word, Powerpoint and pdf files, he also recovered by e-mails, my music and movie library and my photo library!

Total charge - $99.00. Way too cheap!

To sum up Steve Bush and his Screwbox MAC repair and upgrade business – Professional, Easy, Fast and with total Integrity.

If you or your friends or customers have MAC problems, refer them to Steve!

4020 West Kennedy Boulevard

Tampa, FL 33609

(813) 228-7283

Owner: Steve Bush

e-mail: Steven Bush

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  1. That is great service. $99 IS a deal! Glad you got your data back.