Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cloud computing - scanning, document management, workflow - an opportunity for Reprographers?

According to a fairly recent article published in the “Washington Post”, the U.S. (Federal) Government is aiming to shift about one-quarter of federal government agency spending for I.T. to “cloud (web-based) computing”, in an effort to make the government more efficient and to save money.

I would imagine that State, County and City governments will also begin to, if they’ve not already started to, shift some of their I.T. to the “cloud”. And, will not (and have not) firms in the private sector take more and more advantage of “cloud” I.T.?

IDEAL, led by Jay Maggeheim, recently published an article about “cloud” computing, and here’s a link to that recent article:

There’s a “whole lotta” discussion going on in the reprographics industry, right now, about “what should reprographers do to augment their revenues from printing services”?

Reprographers have been offering scanning services for years. But, do most reprographers push into the “small-format” scanning market space – the “non-A/E/C” market space? Or, do most reprographers pretty much market scanning services only to A/E/C firms?

“What if” you – in your capacity as a reprographer – could show non-A/E/C firms (whether government agencies or private-sector companies) that your firm is fully capable of: a) scanning all types of legacy documents (on-site or off-site), b) providing “document management” software, c) providing “cloud” I.T. services for hosting documents …. and that you can do that in such a manner that it improves the customer’s workflow and business process, enabling the customer to be more efficient and producing cost savings?

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