Saturday, March 19, 2011

Technology Solutions and Services for the A/E/C Industry

In the previous post, I mentioned

On that site, you’ll find a link to a “vendor hub”, which provides a list of vendors who offer A/E/C Technology Solutions and Services.

I looked at that list and did not find any of the “technology solutions and services” offered by “reprographers”. What’s up with that? No mention of PlanWell or PlanWell Collaborate, no mention of ReproMAX DFS, PDM or cMAX, no mention of RSA PlanCommand, not a single mention of any e-planroom software or services solution offered by reprographers.

Here’s what Dr. Khemlani, Ph.D., Founder and Editor of AECbytes, says about the “VendorHub”

“Welcome to AECbytes VendorHub!”

“The objective of AECbytes VendorHub is to provide AEC professionals with a comprehensive “at-a-glance” listing of AEC technology solutions and services grouped into related categories. All vendors in the AEC space have the opportunity to participate in AECbytes VendorHub and list their products and/or services for a nominal fee.

Please use the links on the left to browse through the solutions and services in different categories. You can also see the latest news from the participating vendors highlighted below.

Hope you find VendorHub a useful resource for finding relevant products and services more easily and keeping updated on their significant developments.”

Just a suggestion ….. if your company or association offers technology solutions for A/E/C firms, you might want to consider contacting Dr. Khemlani to add your product/service to the VendorHub.

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