Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The "financial case" for attending the IRgA Convention

For reprographers who did not receive this message via e-mail, today, from Gary Wilbur, President of the IRgA, I've copied Gary's message below:

The (Financial) Case for the IRgA in Vegas

As a numbers guy, my first inclination before making any business commitment is to determine whether it makes financial sense for my company. What's the ROI?

It has always made business and financial sense for my business partners and me to attend the IRgA Convention & Trade Show every year, because we always achieve more than it costs to attend. There is some sort of take-away anytime there is an opportunity to discuss our business with peers.

All of us acknowledge that our businesses have fallen on the most challenging times we have ever seen. To survive, and even thrive, in the future, we must look at our businesses in ways we have not before. We need to become more creative. We need to try new things. We need to remain frugal. We need to be the entrepreneurs that we are – and that means taking a risk.

In fact, I'm planning to “Double Down” in Las Vegas at the IRgA Convention & Trade Show, and I hope you will join me. Here's why:

  • It's important for our industry to gather as an industry at least once a year. While there are several other meetings, either through affinity organizations or locally, the IRgA presents the only opportunity for our industry to gather as one – to say we are in fact a bona fide industry.
  • The IRgA is a relationship business. Providing an environment for people to get together and talk business is something the IRgA has always done well. What we do is very specific and very unique. We are experts. We learn from each other.
  • Many of us are looking to diversify our businesses into the area of color. This is a big reason why the IRgA decided to locate its event next to the International Sign Association's Show. This is a completely different type of event, which attracts up to 18,000 people. It's a very large show. To the contrary, the IRgA's show brings a small group of people together in an intimate environment where attendees can talk business in a more informal, social manner over cocktails and appetizers.
  • My business is going to save this year because I can attend both events with one airplane ticket and hotel room. This format saves me time and money. We'll be able to gain all of the benefits of attending the IRgA and receive access to a dynamic and growing trade show that is directly relevant to my business. ·
  • Finally, we go for the education. No matter how smart one thinks he or she is, there is something to be gained by attending the IRgA's education sessions, seeing things from a different perspective or learning something entirely new.
  • And what's not to like about Vegas!

Times are still tough. It's not easy to afford the time away from the business. But we can't afford to miss the opportunity to step away for a few days and take a different look at what our businesses are to become in the future. Going to Las Vegas and attending the IRgA is the closest thing to a sure bet for my business. Who's in? Register today.

Best regards,

Gary Wilbur
R.S. Knapp/Napco
2010-11 IRgA President

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