Thursday, March 10, 2011

Air Graphics (Boston) offers cool MARCH MADNESS Sale on Canon wide-format multifunction systems

Today, I noticed that Air Graphics (Boston, MA) posted – on LinkedIn - a “special” MARCH MADNESS SALE of Canon MFP (Multifunction) Systems – systems that plot, print, scan, copy and these systems handle both black & white and color!

“Sale” prices range from $6,795 to $8,995.

The “List” prices of these systems range from $8,495 to $11,495.

The advertisement states:

An amazing opportunity to purchase a single footprint scan/print/copy system at unheard of costs!!! All printers are capable of printing at speeds up to 2 “D” size size prints per minute, in COLOR or Black & White.

My, how times change!

I can remember when HP released its first “multifunction” HP DesignJet system; if my memory serves me correctly, the first multifunction system sold by HP was the HP 800 DesignJet outfitted with a Contex Scanner. That system, I think, was first offered at around $24,000.

The Canon systems AIR Graphics is offering in its MARCH MADNESS Sale offer faster output than the HP 800 multifunction system did, and Air Graphics is selling these Canon multifunction systems at a fraction of the price HP sold its first m/f systems for.

Technology has come a long, long way the past 10 years. Considering the fact that A/E firms, General Contractors and Sub-contractor can purchase wide-format multifunction systems for very inexpensive prices, is it really any wonder why more and more reprographics companies are reporting that more and more of their customers are choosing to print “in-house”?

If you want to see the very cool advertisement that Air Graphics published for their MARCH MADNESS Sale, click on this link:

Best wishes to the Air Graphics team for success with their March Madness Sale.

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