Friday, March 4, 2011

Blog visit and visitor statistics – just a quick update

Reprographics 101 was visited by a total of 626 visitors, March 2nd & March 3rd, 2011. (Visitor statistics are provided courtesy of Google Analytics.)

Those 626 visitors did 1,154 page views. The two most widely read posts were the ones about a) Xerox discontinuing wide-format and b) the Commentary and Opinions about that subject that appeared in a follow-up article. It’s actually quite amusing to me that the one most single read article was the one where I shared my opinions about the effects of Xerox’s decision to discontinue wide-format in the U.S. Readership of that particular article exceeded, by a fairly wide margin, readership of the “announcement” from Xerox that I posted on this blog.

And, those 626 visitors came from 24 different countries. I don’t know anyone in the industry in Indonesia, but, a visitor from Indonesia visited Repro 101 for 16:16 minutes and read three articles.

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