Monday, March 21, 2011

Survey of A/E/C firms regarding "the future of print"

Related to the previous post, I’m in the process of creating a “Survey of A/E/C firms” regarding “the future of print.”

I decided to create and conduct a survey because:

1) - - - - There was a recent “discussion string”, in the “Apprentice” Discussion Group on LinkedIn, about the “future of print”. All of the participants in that discussion, not surprisingly, were people from reprographics companies. Inasmuch as “reprographers” may have opinions about “the future of print” that differ from the opinions that A/E/C people have, why not find out what “they” think?

2) - - - - I am not aware that any of the reprographics associations (the IRgA, Regional reprographics associations, RSA, ReproMAX, the PEiR Group) have conducted, are conducting, or have plans to conduct formal “surveys” of A/E/C firms regarding the “future of print”. While I personally think that the IRgA would be the most appropriate organization to conduct a formal survey of A/E/C firms regarding the future of print, I’ve not heard any mention that the IRgA has plans to do that.

If you are aware of any recent surveys conducted by any of the aforementioned reprographics associations, please kindly bring that to my attention.

Once I’ve finished creating the survey document, I will be using “Survey Monkey” to conduct the survey. My “plan” (to promote the survey) is a) to announce the survey to local AIA and ABC chapters and b) to elicit their support by offering to make donations to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation for each survey response received.

If anyone who reads this post has any suggestions, please let me know what your suggestions are.

Thank you.

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