Monday, March 21, 2011

More on the "managed print services" (MPS) business

Strangely enough, “Reprographics 101” has attracted visitors from many different countries outside the U.S. Sometimes I can tell “who” visited the blog, but most of the time, not. For example, the other day, someone from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, visited “Reprographics 101” and spent nearly 30 minutes reading articles. I suspect that this visitor is a Xerox wide-format dealer interested in finding information about Xerox’s recent decision to stop selling wide-format equipment.

Within the past couple of day, someone from “The Danwood Group” visited “Reprographics 101.” So, I decided to see “who” The Danwood Group is.

The Danwood Group operates in the U.K. Here’s what they say about their business activities. But, after you read this, make sure to skip below, because I’m then going to “tie this in” to the “managed print services” (MPS) business.

The Danwood Group

In just four decades, Danwood has become the largest independent supplier of office printing equipment, consumables and associated management services in Europe. Today we support companies and organisations large and small via our network of over 40 offices: combining our specialist expertise with the personal touch.

Our business support services span four core areas:

Consultancy, advice and guidance on print effectiveness and cost reduction.

Hardware, software and systems for the print, management, processing, storage and retrieval of documents.

Servicing and maintenance of equipment and systems.

Consumables for print, copy and fax technology.

Product independence makes Danwood a different kind of provider. We are able to build exactly the right print solution for your needs by working directly with multiple manufacturers whilst still remaining accessible to you as your local dealer on the ground. We focus on your requirements, not ours - and we stay abreast of new technologies too.

One of the operating companies owned by The Danwood Group is this one:

Insatsu Chosa® is our print investigation consultancy team, specialising in realising cost savings and improving efficiency across organisations.

In the previous sentence, if you click on the name of the company, “Insatsu Chosa” (which is a very strange name), doing so will take you to Insatsu Chosa’s web-site.

If you are interesting in learning more about the “scope” of the “managed print services” business and how to “present” your company as a “managed print services” provider, you can learn that – see that – at Insatsu Chosa’s web-site. I think they did an outstanding job of explaining the business and what it’s all about.

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