Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Managed Print Services (MPS) Market Size, Share and Forecast Study(ies) – from Photizo Group

Because I’ve posted lots of stuff about the MPS business and industry – and about the opportunity for developing MPS business - in the past on Reprographics 101, I thought I’d mention that The Photizo Group has just released (for purchase) its most recent studies and forecasts for the MPS market.

If anyone out there is willing to put up $19,450 towards the purchase of the North American MPS study, I’m willing to chip in the remaining $50 bucks! (Disclosure: I used to be frequent customer of Borders and Amazon, but, now, I get most of my books – free – at the public libraries in Boston and St Petersburg.)

Photizo Group’s 2011 MPS Market Size, Share and Forecast Study - -

You can buy them “by region” or you can go whole hog and buy the worldwide edition!

Abstract: This report provides a comprehensive examination of the managed print services market opportunity, and the share position for the major competitors in the global market. It also examines the volume relative to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) versus the channel.

Questions it answers:
• How large is the market? This report addresses the size of the market in terms of both revenues and the number of devices under contract.
• Where will the opportunities be? The report provides a clear view into which markets and segments represent the greatest growth opportunity.
• Who is winning and who is losing? By analyzing share among vendors, clear trends emerge from the report in terms of who is winning, and who is losing in the MPS market.

Photizo’s comprehensive pivot tables support the most complicated data dissections. Compare and evaluate revenue by country, vendor and MPS type at the same time. Watch a pre-recorded demo.
Included Deliverables:
-Pivot Tables

2011 MPS Market Size, Share and Forecast Study; Pricing - - -

North America


Latin America


Western Europe


Asia Pacific


Global Forecast (Includes all above)



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