Tuesday, November 29, 2011

KDF gets Big-Screen Exposure for its Big-Color Services (So, ya wanna be in show business?)

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KDF Reprographics


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Thursday November 10, 2011, 2:04 AM

Rockleigh-based printing Company gets Big-

screen exposure .....

There's no business like show business for

KDF Reprographics, which made its big

screen debut last year in documentary

filmmaker Morgan Spurlock's POM Wonderful

Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

Essentially a documentary about making a

documentary, the film takes the viewer on a

tongue-in-cheek journey peppered

throughout with blatant product placement,

while Spurlock travels cross-country from

potential sponsor to potential sponsor in a

Mini Cooper emblazoned with the logos of

corporate backers.

The Rockleigh-based large format printing

company, owned by Stephen Hoey, was

contacted by New York City production

company Warrior Poets about "wrapping" the

Mini Cooper for the film, meaning it would

create the graphics used on the vehicle. Due

to the documentary's small budget, the job

would have to be done as inexpensively as

possible. Hoey had an idea.

"We said we'd do it for no charge," he recalls,

"as long as they gave us an appearance in the


Displaying a sharp business sense, Hoey

knew that exposure from a movie would go

well beyond whatever sum of money they

could have received instead. Ironically, the

agreement was reached before Hoey new that

product placement, of all things, was the

premise of the documentary.

"Morgan filmed us putting graphics on the

vehicle and doing the installation," said Hoey.

"One of my guys was even used as a stunt


For two days in August of 2010, in fact, the

KDF facility was taken over by a film crew

that captured the entire vinyl wrapping

process, complete with a dramatic unveiling

that filled KDF’s workshop with smoke

machines and flashing lights.

After, the film enjoyed a successful premiere.

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