Friday, November 18, 2011

The world’s leading “reprographics business expert” is available for short-term consulting engagements!

No cost for the initial 4 hour consultation visit (see below). No obligation, whatsoever, if you decide that I'm not the right person to serve as your consultant.

Well, of course, I’m kidding about the “world’s leading” part of the title of this post, for who would be so pompous to imply that he (or she) is a “world leader” in anything, let alone the reprographics business. And, as to the word, “expert,” well, that’s certainly subject to debate.

But, all kidding aside, if you are the owner of – or a significant investor in - a reprographics business and want to engage someone to help you sort things out, get a better grasp on how to improve the profitability your business, figure out how to better market and promote your business, how to grow your business, how to play defense, and how to play offense ….. then I just might be the right person for you. I also have experience with selling, buying and merging reprographics companies.

Special offer: I’m willing to spend 4 hours with you, at your place or mine, to discuss your business. If you come to where I am, then you won’t incur any expense for the time I spend with you (other than the expense you incur to travel to where I am.) Or, if I come to you, there will not be any charge, at all, for the 4 hours I spend with you, but you will have to cover the cost of my round-trip airfare (economy-coach) and hotel. After we meet, you’ll then be in a better position to decide if you want to engage me as your consultant.

My background, in brief: Former Chairman & CEO of a fairly large reprographics enterprise based in the Washington, DC area. I took that company public, in 1985, and, later, sold it to an investor group that included CitiCorp Venture Capital, LTD. The last year I was involved in that company, our sales exceeded $26 million. Years later, I was invited to join another reprographics company; at that company, National Graphic Imaging (NGI), I was the Senior VP and Chief Business Strategist; NGI operated in Florida and Georgia, and I helped that company grow to more than $23 million in sales before we sold it to ARC. I have direct experience in all areas of the reprographics business; strategy and strategic planning, sales management and sales, marketing and promotion, production and customer service, administration, billing, finance, etc,. etc. Many of my peers consider me to be one of the leading experts in the FM (Onsite) service segment of the business.

This offer is “geographically” limited. Your reprographics business must be located at least 30 miles away from the nearest ARC-owned reprographics operation. That’s due to a “covenant not to compete” agreement I agreed to when we sold NGI to ARC. My CNTC expires in December 2012.

If you’re interested, contact me by phone or e-mail.

Joel Salus

Cell: 917-822-4164


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