Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Photizo Group Releases …. Managed Print Services by the Numbers

Just to get your interest level up ….. at the top of the “Numbers” page, Photizo shares this projection…..

$78 Billion - Global MPS market revenue in 2015 as predicted by Photizo’s MPS Market Forecast

Okay, now click on this link, enter your information and you’ll be able to access the two pages that contain numbers.


Joel’s comment:

Where are these numbers coming from? I have a feeling that these numbers are being pulled right out of …..

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  1. Joel,

    Our forecast numbers are built from a unique bottoms-up approach and include centralized and decentralized fleets. This includes engagements which are directly with the manufacturer and those through a reseller. The complete contract revenue stream is considered including hardware, supplies, professional services, management services and software fees. We believe this approach is critical to providing the best representation of an ever evolving market. If you would like to discuss our methodology further I'd be happy to. Email me at