Monday, November 7, 2011

Eastern Reprographics Association - 4th (and final) convention review post

On Saturday morning this past weekend, moderators David Brownell (Managing Principal, The Brownell Group, CT) and Mike Cully (President, AIR Graphics, Boston) led a “room-wide” roundtable discussion titled, “the Future of Reprographics.”

[Dennis Dillon (one of ARC’s VP’s) had to leave the convention early, so he could not participate as one of the moderators, as had previously been planned.]

This particular topic – the future of reprographics – is a difficult topic for reprographers.

For details of what was covered during this session of the ERA convention, please visit the ERA’s web-site, at, as I’m pretty sure that David will, at some point in the near future, post on the ERA's web-site the presentation file he used as a guide to the roundtable discussion about the future of reprographics.

David's presentation incuded a SWOT analysis.

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I’m not planning to make any further comments about the ERA convention, with the exception of the following.

Charlie Hackworth, a long-time ERA and reprographics industry member, suggested that the ERA get together a “focus committee” to determine what the ERA should be looking at, going forward. Bob Roperti, President of the IRgA, said about the ERA convention for “next year,”….. our goal should be to have a minimum of 50 reprographics companies in attendance at next year’s ERA convention.” This year, only 17 reprographics companies registered for the convention.

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