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More on Memjet (Memjet recognized by Popular Science Magazine)

Memjet Honored with Recognition from Popular Science

Date: November 17, 2011

From the web-site of, BY ADAM HAIGH, Editor

New York, NY –- San Diego-based industry disruptor Memjet has received new recognition for their first class color printing technology. Widely respected magazine, Popular Science has named Memjet as the “Best of What’s New” for 2011 in the Computing category. Every year to pick their winners, the editors of Popular Science review thousands of products and narrow it down to 100 tech innovations of the year. The article is in the December 2011 issue of the magazine, currently available on newsstands everywhere.

The last twelve months have shown Memjet to be a huge factor in the color printing industry. CEO Len Lauer said in regards to the award,

“We're honored and privileged to cap off what has been an impressive year for Memjet with this recognition from Popular Science, an industry leader in science and technology reporting. Having the opportunity to work these past months with some of the world's leading brands including LG, Lenovo and our other solutions partners, we look forward to 2012 and our continued strong growth in the printing industry by offering disruptive technologies to fuel a new category of fast, affordable color printing powered by Memjet.”

It is important to note, as we have said before, that Memjet does not brand it’s own printers, but instead they work with partners to develop the units. The color office printer which received the recognition impressed the evaluators far exceeds the printing speeds of anything else on the market as well as improves the overall cost efficiency of having an inkjet printer for a business. The one-page per second speed that Memjet has reached is four times the rate of the average laser model, and with unsurpassed print quality. Inkjet models even in their fast draft mode do not come close to the speed of Memjet-powered printers, much less the quality.

The 8.77” fixed print head spans the entire width of a sheet of A4 (letter) sized piece of paper. It’s 70,400 nozzles are equivalent to 17 times more than is found in standard inkjet printheads. These 70K plus nozzles deliver an astonishing 774 million dot of ink per second to a sheet of paper. In addition to being faster than any other print out there on the market, Memjet is also more energy efficient than their competitors in both the inkjet and laser segments. Memjet technologies are protected by over 3,000 patents and have 2,000 more patents pending.

Memjet Office Printer in High Demand (small-format printer)

From the web-site of, BY ADAM HAIGH, Editor

Date: September 22, 2011

New York, NY –- According to a recent news article a German company, Compatech GmbH, is the latest to become a distributor for Memjet’s technology in the European market.

As we have mentioned before, the printers are not Memjet printers, but Memjet-powered printers. Companies, in this case, Lomond, which is based in the United Kingdom, have agreed to a deal with Memjet for their technology, but the purchasing company puts their name and brand on the printer. In fact, Lomond will be the brand on all such printers for the entire EU market. In addition to distributing the EvoJet printers, as they are called, themselves, Lomond’s printers are also being distributed by Austrian company TEKAEF.

One of the other important facts with Memjet printers and ink that means a lot of remanufacturers is the ability to easily refill them. There is no need to worry about proprietary cartridge technology or anything else that prevents these printers from going about their business and continuing to improve the efficiency of offices. While it did take some time for the technology to fully come to market, the wait has definitely been worth it.

The new printers will be unveiled by Compatech at their Refiller Discussion and Compatech Marketplace due to begin on the 8th of October, 2011.

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