Monday, November 21, 2011

QR Codes in CAD and REVIT

QR Codes in CAD and Revit

This article comes from the blog-site of

Paul Crickard, an education facility planner.


Have you noticed the proliferation of these things in


QR code to my website

These are QR codes. And with a smartphone and a free scanner

(such as RedLaser for iPhone) a person can scan this code and

be taken to your website, a map, call you, receive a message, or

a number of other options — its up to you what data you embed

in this code.

You can generate a code using one of several free generators

such as Kaywa. Or, since we are creating drawings, we can generate

them natively as a hatch in AutoCAD or as an image in Revit.

Autodesk released a plugin of the month that allows you to

create a QR code inside AutoCAD. The plugin is here.

Once installed, just type ‘QRGEN’ and follow the GUI


These QR codes can be placed in your drawing title blocks,

for example.

What I find to be of the greatest benefit is the ability to

track how many people have scanned your code. By using

a URL shortener such as you can create a

short URL for your site and generates the QR code.

By entering the URL provided with a ‘+’ sign, you will see

a tally of how many people scanned your code and when.

This means you can create project specific codes and

monitor their effectiveness for marketing purposes.

I just provided one example of using QR codes in a drawing,

and a very simple one at that. You could do a million other

things, such as place one next to a detail that takes you to

a 3D model of the detail. Place one on your signage at

the site that takes you to a render of what the finished

building will look like. Put one on your business card that

updates a persons contacts using a vcard.

Happy scanning.

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