Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Well it looks like ABC Imaging did open its Philadelphia, PA location

When I went to the map of locations on ABC Imaging’s web-site, and clicked on the “Philadelphia” location on the bar on the left side of that page, here’s the address that came up with the Google map showing the building where ABC’s Philadelphia location is located:

1900 John F Kennedy Blvd

‪Philadelphia, PA 19103

When the Google map appeared, the side-bar to the left side of the map gave a list of other businesses operating in that same building – 1900 JFK Blvd – and one of the businesses listed is….

‪Philadelphia Print and Color

‪1900 John F Kennedy Boulevard

‪Philadelphia, PA 19103

‪(215) 563-2200


Philadelphia Print & Color provides digital and traditional printing services to meet every communications need. From posters and promotional items through variable data, mailing, fulfillment and distribution, we offer the broadest range of flexible, integrated, services to meet our customer’s needs. You can expect a creative and economical solution for each and every project.

Joel’s comments:

If I was in Philadelphia, I’d walk over to ABC Imaging’s location to see if both ABC Imaging and Philadelphia Print and Color are separate businesses in that building or if ABC has moved into the space that Philadelphia Print and Color was in. Nice landlord, huh? When I visited Philadelphia Print and Color’s web-site, I didn’t see any mention of A/E/C reprographics services, but PP&C does offer many of the non-AEC services that ABC Imaging offers. For a landlord to have two very similar businesses in the same building, well, that’s not playing fair to the business that was already occupying space. But, perhaps PP&C had already moved out of the building, or perhaps ABC Imaging made a deal with PP&C to move into its space?

Tip: If you do ever make it to Philadelphia, make sure you go over to the Reading Terminal Market, which is right downtown. Very cool place to walk around. Lot’s of different stalls where vendors are selling all kinds of produce, meat, fish, baked goods, and the food is wonderful, lots of different choices – my favorite things to eat at the Reading Terminal Market include Hot Pastrami sandwiches (awesome!) with hot and crispy French fries, BBQ ribs and coleslaw, Fried Chicken --- all the stuff that I’m not supposed to eat! Stay at the Loew’s Hotel; great location, great staff and fantastic (and cheap) happy-hour hors d’oeuvres and drinks! Stuff your face and enjoy watching the parade of people outside.

With ABC Imaging now open in Philadelphia, that means that four of the five largest reprographics companies now have locations in the Philly market, including ARC, NRI, ServicePoint and ABC Imaging.

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  1. The following was received by e-mail from Tim Sachs of ABC. He gave me permission to post his e-mail as a "comment" on the post I did about ABC's Philly location:

    Hey Joel,

    Long time no chat. I was reading your blog and noticed your posting on our shop opening in Philadelphia. I was planning on giving you a press release a couple of days before we made our announcement, but it looks like your own investigation yielded what I was going to send you, so just wanted to write you and fill in the blanks.

    We haven’t opened yet. We’re putting the finishing touches on the shop now. We’ve been working diligently to get the shop ready for business since late summer/early fall, and we’re making final arrangements now prior to our opening this month.

    Philadelphia Print and Color was the former tenant, but they’re no longer there and it was actually a physical therapy provider since Philadelphia Print and Color vacated two years ago. I should have thought to include you on our mailings. I’m having my BD Manager, Richard Bangs, send you the two mailers (one was sent two weeks ago, and the other is slated to go out in the next week or two – whenever the shop is ready).

    Thanks again for everything you for the Reprographics industry! Let me know when you’re in our neck of the woods so we can grab lunch.

    Timothy Sachs • Senior Vice President
    ABC Imaging
    Phone: 202.429.8870
    Our Mission: “Impress Every Client, Every Time”