Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Printing's Alive !!!

Here’s a “delightful” video ….. intended for people who say “printing is dead.”

A bit off-topic for reprographers, since this video was made by a guy who is in the printing business - - - as he put it, “I was born into the printing business” - - - but, nonetheless, since printers and reprographers share many issues in common, I decided to share this guy’s video with reprographers.

Here are just a few of the many “comments” submitted by people who’ve viewed this guy’s video:

I share his enthusiasm.

conlabel 1 month ago 

A fine piece of cinematic excellence. I'm not going to lie. I cried just a little bit at the end of it. Well Done.

GossInternational1 6 months ago 

The Essential Image in Waterloo loves this.
I'm a young printer, keep the ink flowing!

josiptuka 7 months ago 

Outstanding! 30 years of this shit! That was beautiful and will be aired at the next boring ass OSHA meeting.

escuss11 9 months ago 

I started a playlist called "Printing" on my YouTube account. It's going to be full of "must see" printing videos. This is on the top of the list. Who needs cable when this kind of content is available? This is right on Warren, thanks for taking the time to share your passion. Pazazz Printing is a great printing shop. You don't learn this stuff in a pretty college, you either have it or you don't. 

JoeJoomla 9 months ago

I think the IRgA should hire Lewis Black to create a video – along the same lines – entitled “Reprographics Ain’t Dead Yet !!!” I’m sure that Lewis would give an appropriate spin on “what’s reprographics?”, which is the question I – always – immediately get from anyone I tell that I was in the reprographics business.

Okay, without further comment, here’s the video, enjoy…


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