Monday, November 21, 2011

isOK Construction Document Version Control System - QR-Code

On May 29, 2011, I did a post on the blog to introduce the Reprographics 101 reader-community to the web-site of Paul Dougherty.

As I said in that post, Paul was formerly the CTO of Gresham, Smith & Partners (GS&P) one of the largest A/E firms in the U.S. Before joining L&R (Nashville and Knoxville, TN) as its CTO, Paul had been GS&P’s CTO for many years. From my friends at L&R in Nashville, I was already aware of who Paul is and that he is a very bright guy.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Paul to let me know that it would be okay for me to post about a QR Code application and system he’s been working on. Paul had informed me, months ago, about what he was working on, but I was not supposed to post anything about what he was working on, until he gave me the go-ahead.

In Yesterday’s e-mail, Paul provided a link to a video he has up on YouTube.

Here’s the “written introduction” to the video:

An introduction to the construction document revision control system. Saves you time and money in the field. For more info visit or email

According to what it says in the YouTube video, isOK can integrate with ReproMAX’s PDM and ARC’s PlanWell.

Okay, here’s the link to the video:

Evidently, Paul will be exhibiting his construction document revision control system at the upcoming EcoBuild conference:

EcoBuild 2011

High Performance Through High Technology

Ecobuild America and its co-located Events give you the education and resources to build smarter and improve our built environment.

Building Information Modeling • Geographic Information Systems • Green Technology • High Performance Building • Sustainable Design • Energy 
Efficiency • Security • Smart Buildings & more!

EcoBuild will take place December 5-9, 2011, in Washington, DC

Paul Dougherty said that, if you are interested in attending the exhibit, he can get you free entry! (E-mail Paul at

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