Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The other day on LinkedIn, I saw this “help-wanted” post in the “Reprographics” Group:


Based anywhere in the UK with experience in the Pre-Media Market or a BPO background

Up to £65k basic with a fantastic company.

Call me on 0161 443 0066 / 07545967643

or email on


Inasmuch as Reprographics 101 does get visitors from the U.K. - and, perhaps there are yanks who would be willing to relocate to the U.K. for an excellent opportunity (after all, they do speak English there, even if you can’t understand their English!) – and not knowing what one of the “terms” meant, I decided to contact the poster – her name is Rachel – to ask her what that particular term – Pre-Media – meant.

This was Rachel’s reply:

Pre-Media is the creative side of printing, the process before production, for example, graphic design, art working, brand creation & advertising campaign creation.

This particular company is looking for a sales person to go into printers/publishers or large retailers who have in house Repro/Artwork departments and pitch to board members to remove these departments from the company and let the Pre-Media Service company (my client) handle the process. The Pre-Media company will then outsource this overseas. 

I hope this has helped. 

Kind regards,


So, Rachel’s client is in the BPO Industry – Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and, evidently, one of the serves they convince clients to outsource is “Pre-Media” services. Years ago in the U.S., I learned what the term “pre-press” meant (as I had a friend who was heavily involved in that business in the D.C. area.) But, evidently, “pre-media” goes well beyond just “pre-press.”

To me, “outsourcing” the “pre-media” function is not altogether different from “outsourcing” reprographics functions. You convince clients (I call them “customers”) to stop doing it themselves and, instead, outsource it to you. Which allows them to concentrate/focus on their core business.

Anyone interested in the position Rachel advertised should e-mail her – her e-mail address appears, above, in the ad I copied into this post.

Pip-pip, Cheerio!

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