Friday, March 9, 2012 reviews Newforma Project Center Professional

Product Summary

Newforma Project Center Professional is the new version of Newforma’s flagship application for project information management (PIM) and collaboration application. It is part of the new Newforma Design Suite targeted towards architecture and engineering firms. It was previously known as Newforma Project Center.

Pros: Continues with core PIM capabilities such as email management, comprehensive search capability, the ability to store project files, record documents, images, and file transfers; the ability to markup drawings and record meeting minutes and action items, and collaboration with external project team members using a web-based module called Info Exchange; includes new “Newforma to Newforma” project connection capability which allows a firm to transparently connect directly with any other firm using Newforma to exchange drawings, models, and other project documents; enhanced web interface of Info Exchange module making it more graphical, easier to navigate, and optimized for tablet access; new Contact Directory that allows a firm to centrally access and manage its global company and contact database; new Project Publisher capability provides the ability to package selected documents to a destination folder, CD or DVD when it comes time to close out, hand over, and archive a project.

Cons: New functionality not as extensive as previous new versions of the application.

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  1. To add a con for Newforma in general, this is a subscription software, so once you get used to it, you have to keep paying year after year. This would be OK, except that our last renewal increased our costs by over 100% for a 27% increase in users. It has turned into hostage-ware.