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Paperless Office? Paperless Toilet Stalls?

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Johnson's World: The Internet, Global Warming, And The Paperless Office


Here’s the beginning of Steve Johnson’s article:

Long ago and far away, shortly after Al Gore invented the Internet, my banker began asking if the World Wide Web was going to hurt the printing business. It was a valid question, of which I pondered the pros and cons in great detail. My ponderings did not bring me to any satisfactory conclusion, but something else did.

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In his article, Steve says this….

“I could confidently assure my banker that the paperless society was no more imminent than the paperless bathroom.”

I don’t know how long ago Steve made that statement to his banker; it was probably a long time ago. Someone told me that it will not be too much longer before we actually have paperless bathrooms, including paperless toilets.

Introducing the high-tech paperless toilet that leaves you clean and dry without tearing up trees

By SEAN POULTERUPDATED: 03:08 EST, 10 March 2009

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