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Are you prepared to acquire production inkjet? And, keep an eye and ear open for Benny Landa’s latest invention – the Nanographic Press

There’s an interesting article …. about “production inkjet” now up on Below, you’ll find just the beginning of that article; later, you’ll find a link to the complete article.

In the introduction below, you’ll find Benny Landa’s name. And, mention that Mr. Landa on May 2nd at “drupa” (the printing industry trade show in Germany), will introduce a “nanographic” printing press. I’m not going to explain what “nano-technology” is (because, while I am familiar with nano-technology, there’s no way I could explain what it is!)

Benny Landa was the inventor of the Indigo. Indigo presses first appeared back in the early-to-mid 1990’s. (Later on, Indigo was purchased by HP.) Indigo released two (equipment) products back then; one was a small-format “color” press, the other was a large-format, “black & white only”, very-high-speed “plotter” called the Indigo XLT (output up to 36” wide.) The Indigo XLT came out a couple of years before OCE released its revolutionary OCE 9800 system. The release of OCE’s system put a “kibosh” on Indigo’s XLT business, and, around 1996, Indigo discontinued the XLT model. At least two reprographers in North America did very well (meaning, made lots of money) on their Indigo XLT investments – Lellyett & Rogers in Nashville, TN (Pat Brumfield and Bryan Dyer) and Entire Reproductions in Toronto, Canada (Andy Chiodo.)

It will be VERY INTERESTING to see what Mr. Landa has come up with this time. Nano-technology applied to a printing press. Hmmmm, can’t wait to see what that’s all about.

Okay, here’s the article I mentioned:

Commentary & Analysis

“Are you prepared to acquire production inkjet? Part 1”

By David Zwang - 
Published: March 26, 2012

In this series, I have tried to give you a ‘lay of the land’ as it relates to production inkjet technology and products available today… before drupa. While I have covered a wide range of products, in all fairness I haven’t covered everything that is available out there. Why? There are just too many production inkjet products to investigate, review, and detail, and you can expect more to be introduced before, at, and after drupa—including a highly secretive Digital Nanographic Printing Press that will be announced by Indigo founder Benny Landa on May 2nd, the day before drupa officially begins. However, in all honesty, the products covered offered a fairly complete look at the state of the inkjet technology and how it is being utilized in the production inkjet presses available ‘today’.

So while I have given you lots of facts and figures on feeds and speeds, I thought it was now time to look at how you can assimilate all of that information to figure out how to use it abd to understand what it means to you. This ‘look behind the curtains’ is desgined to help you make purchasing decisions, either before or after drupa.

I am using a similar structure as I used in the product reviews in order to put it all in context. In Part 1 of 2 in this article, I will review inkjet printhead technology, imaging and what you should be looking at to satisfy your company and customer requirements.

Here’s a link to the complete article that’s now up on

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