Thursday, March 8, 2012


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A Memjet-enabled digital press capable of outputting 500 impressions per minute in color??? Now, that’s fast.

I saw this press release a couple of weeks ago, but, when I visited Delphax’s web-site to find out more about its Memjet-powered press, all I could find was the press release, nothing more. And, in the press release, which you’ll see below, they “redacted” (blanked-out, see XXXXX’s) the name they’ve given to this press. I don’t know why they did that; perhaps there’s still some on-going discussion about what the name this press?R IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION

Press Release


High-speed sheet-fed presses to be introduced to commercial printing industry at drupa 2012

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 31, 2012—Delphax Technologies Inc. (Pink Sheets:DLPX.PK), a global provider of high-speed digital printing equipment, announced today that it will introduce its new XXXXX series digital color print systems powered by Memjet technologies at the drupa 2012 international trade show May 3-16 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

XXXXX brings to the commercial/industrial printing market a transformational advance in imaging technology in a robust sheet-fed print system offering production speeds up to 500 impressions per minute in full color and 1600 dpi print quality on a wide range of substrates and sheet sizes.

“We are introducing a game-changing print system at drupa,” said Dieter Schilling, president and chief executive officer of Delphax. “ XXXXX represents an entirely new category of digital print technology and is our response to growing customer demand for more efficient, versatile and affordable color printing equipment.

“We have developed a revolutionary sheet-fed transport technology and integrated this with multiple Memjet printheads to provide a unique high-resolution, high-quality and high-speed inkjet printing system.

Developed, engineered and manufactured by Delphax, this system offers an unprecedented combination of speed, versatility, affordability and high quality for color sheet-fed inkjet production. There is nothing approaching this performance in the market today.”

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