Monday, March 5, 2012

Vester Kopi of Denmark acquires largest reprographics chain in Germany

News from Vester Kopi, the leading reprographics enterprise in Denmark


Copenhagen, 05.03.2012 (March 5, 2012)

Vester Kopi has in Leipzig, Germany, today at 15:00 pm, acquired RT Reprotechnik, which is Germany's largest repro digital printing chain with approx. 220 employees and 26 branches throughout Germany.

Vester Kopi’s CEO William Schulin-Zeuthen says about the purchase:

'”The acquisition of the RT Group is a direct extension of Vester Kopi’s overall strategic starting point: if we must develop ourselves both climate friendly and competitive at once, we must be innovative. This acquisition helps us to innovate in three key points:

A merger of Vester Kopi with RT Group represents an opportunity to markedly reduce both our common costs, but also our unit costs. It gives room for our fundamental ambition to continuously lower our own and our customers' environmental impact while it increases our competitiveness. The German market is paying increased attention to environmental certification and Vester Kopi's pioneering work in this area will be possible to transfer directly on to the RT Group. Simultaneously, both Vester Kopi and RT Group have built up years of experience and skills to provide great and prompt service at competitive prices. The service market - as we see it - is growing, and the challenge is to offer our clients the right mix of human communication and guidance, coupled with the latest technology. In this area, both Vester Kopi and RT Group have a very, very strong platform to develop on.

An increased volume will also provide critical mass to move forward on developing easy, software-based support solutions that 'bundle' many services in a convenient way for our customers. A market leader, Vester Kopi has already experienced significant growth within, and within which we expect to develop even stronger concepts in the coming years - both in Germany and Denmark."

RT Group / Vester Kopi’s total annual turnover is estimated to be approx. 33 million Euro in the new financial year 2012/13 employing 345 people in total 43 branches in Germany and Denmark.

Additional Information:

Please contact CEO William Schulin-Zeuthen

Vester Kopi as & RT Group

Cell: +45 2022 1262

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