Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Digital Signage

There’s a really interesting – and very well written - article now up on; title of the article is “Bright Lights, Dynamic Content”, and, although the lead-in paragraph makes it sound like the article is just about electronic billboards, the article goes beyond that….. and talks about digital signage technologies. And, in that article, a company in the digital-signage-software business is mentioned, so, right after the first article, you’ll find some additional information about Reflect Systems.

Nowadays, most Reprographers offer large-format, display-graphics color printing and finishing services. And, actually, many reprographers have been offering those services for 15 years. Companies in the reprographics industry do a lot of short-run color poster printing jobs. Thomas Reprographics was recently recognized as Bennigan’s Restaurant’s New Vendor of the Year. I’m fairly certain Thomas provides both small-format and large-format color printing services to Bennigan’s.

I’ve always been interested in learning about developments and trends that may or will affect the business I’m in. Even though I’m currently inactive (not active in the reprographics business), I continue to have an interest in following developments and trends. And, that’s why I found Mark Vruno’s article (see below) so very interesting, for it talks about developments and trends that are having, and are expected to continue to have, an effect on the large-format display-graphics color printing business. The world may not yet have gone daffy, but it’s certainly going digital, everywhere.

Okay, here’s the title, an intro, and a link to Mark’s article:

Bright Lights, Dynamic Content

BY MARK VRUNO (March 12, 2012)

The electronic billboard market in the United States grew in excess of 150 percent (CAGR) between 2006 and 2009, and continues to grow. Are you getting a piece of this "digital" pie?

While dining at a Chicago-area restaurant last month, my sister experienced a first: A wine list was handed to her in the form of an Apple iPad. "Interesting," she thought. "It's easy to change and they don't have to reprint it." A graphic designer friend of mine, meanwhile, spotted digital menu boards inside a Burger King fast-food restaurant. This same friend has seen similar types of electronic signage in movie theater concession stands, complete with animated, bubbling images of Coca-Cola, which amazed her but didn't faze her video-game savvy seven-year-old son.

If you managed to make your way through the entire article that Mark wrote, then you came across a company called “Reflect Systems”. Here’s more about Reflect:

Digital Signage | Reflect Systems | In Store Digital Media

The in-store digital media industry continues to evolve. By 2011 it is predicted to reach global sales of $14.6 billion, according to iSuppli, a major market intelligence firm.

As in-store digital media technologies evolve, customer-facing organizations continue to realize the possibilities for increased revenues, reduced costs and strengthened brand experience and customer engagement.

Align technology and strategy for results. The most successful and effective in-store digital media networks involve the right technology supporting a well thought out business strategy, which includes engaging and relevant marketing, merchandising, promotional and/or advertising content.

Benefits of in-store digital media include:

35-70% increase in awareness vs. static signage

Eliminated costs of printing, shipping and installation of static signs

Ensures compliance of marketing and promotional initiatives

Environmental and sustainability issues are addressed

Faster speed-to-market allows for rapid promotions

Reflect's clients successfully run the largest combined networks of digital signs in the country.

When your shoppers are engaged by digital displays overhead, on a TV wall, or on an aisle endcap, they are experiencing innovative technology that enables you to customize and manage timely messaging and enhance your brand experience through in-store displays all over the country. 

Reflect is the power behind that technology...

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