Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Within the past week, we’ve done a couple of posts on our blog about After reading one of the articles we mentioned in one of those posts, I noticed that was funded by a company known as “Y Combinator”. Y Combinator has a very interesting business model – offers seed money to lots of different “brand new” companies. IF YOU’VE GOT AN IDEA FOR A NEW INTERNET-BASED BUSINESS, YOU MIGHT WANT TO CONSIDER CONTACTING Y COMBINATOR!

Y Combinator

"The most prestigious program for budding digital entrepreneurs"

Ron Conway and Yuri Milner Offer Every New YC Startup $150k

Applications now open for summer 2012 funding. Deadline: March 28.

In 2005, Y Combinator developed a new model of startup funding. Twice a year we invest a small amount of money (average $18k) in a large number of startups (most recently 65). The startups move to Silicon Valley for 3 months, during which we work intensively with them to get the company into the best possible shape and refine their pitch to investors. Each cycle culminates in Demo Day, when the startups present to a large audience of investors. But YC doesn't end on Demo Day. We and the YC alumni network continue to help founders for the life of their company, and beyond.

Since 2005 we've funded over 380 startups, including Loopt, Reddit, Clustrix, Wufoo, Scribd, Xobni, Weebly, Songkick, Disqus, Dropbox, ZumoDrive,, Heroku, A Thinking Ape, Posterous, Airbnb, Heyzap, Cloudkick, DailyBooth, WePay, Bump, Stripe, AeroFS, and Hipmunk.

You can read more about Y Combinator at this link:

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