Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beyond BIM - Building With Perfect Information

Article now up on …… drawings vs. models

Beyond BIM – Building With Perfect Information

Ray Crotty 
Founder, C3 Systems

Article Summary

In this Viewpoint article, Ray Crotty, who is the founder of the UK-based C3 Systems and the author of the recent book “The Impact of Building Information Modelling,” contrasts drawings with models, asserting that with drawings, no matter how detailed you get, you can only say approximately what you mean or intend, whereas there is no such ambiguity in models. He also questions what would happen if the information used in the AEC industry were fully trustworthy – needing no checking – and were readily computable, as the BIM vision promises, and if the operation of the construction industry were based on the use of effectively perfect information.

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