Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Service Point Solutions announces renewal of contracts with large customers

This morning, Service Point Solutions issued a press release to announce the renewal of contracts with three, large Spanish construction companies.

For those of you who read Spanish, here’s a link to the Spanish-language version of the Press Release (feliz lectura!)…..

For those of you who do not read Spanish, I used Google-Translate to create an English-language version of the press release. Note that Google-Translate does not do a perfect job.

Okay, here’s the English-language version of the press release:

Service Point renews contracts with large Spanish construction companies

• Ferrovial signed a new contract for the next two years for a total of half a million euros

• FCC Sacyr-Vallerhemoso and also renew Service Point providing reprographic services in their construction sites

• Levantine concludes a contract for the next 5 years totaling half a million euros

• Division of Facility Management business represented 28% of total sales, Service Point globally, that is: 61.2 M € in 2011

March 7, 2012, Barcelona - Service Point Spain announces the renewal of contracts with leading companies in the construction sector, such as Ferrovial, Vallehermoso, FCC and Levantine.

Pedro Acosta, Chief of General Services in Ferrovial, said: "The eight years we have been working with Service Point, the combined experience and knowledge within Ferrovial by SPS have been instrumental in the renewal of our contract. With its highly qualified staff and its latest technology, management of distributed printing is in the best hands possible "

Service Point provides the construction industry to implement the R & D, especially its Project Vault platform, which are key in the current economic environment to enhance the efficiency of document management processes and deliver and monitor complex information in real time.

Specifically, Project Vault is a document management system that enables teams of technical professionals AEC sector (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) to access their documents online anywhere, anytime. Through this platform, project teams can create, organize, view, share, send to print and file all documents essential for conducting their business successful.

This division of Facility Management business represented 28% of total sales Service Point globally, that is: 61.2 M € in 2011.

Among the clients of this division are also outside Spain, companies like Shell, London Business School and Standard Chartered.

With its range of specialized business solutions in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and thanks to its international capacity, Service Point provides the knowledge and tools necessary for the Spanish construction sector rush their challenges in a more agile and efficient.

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