Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scodix - further developments

Several weeks ago, we did a post on Reprographics 101 about Scodix. Here’s a link to that previous post…

Very interesting new printing technology - Scodix 1200 Digital Press

This morning, I received an e-mail from Scodix that talks about new (further) developments at Scodix. Before you read further, I’d like to make a couple of comments.

After I first read about the Scodix 1200 Digital Press, I contacted Scodix and asked them to send samples of prints produced with the Scodix 1200 Digital Press. They Fedex’d the samples to me, and I received them the day before I had to catch a plane from Tampa to Boston (and I had no room to take them with me to Boston.) When I looked through the samples – all of which were extremely impressive, “eye-popping” if you will - I realized that the Scodix Digital Press “process” is kind of like “embossing”, only, in this case, “digital embossing”, rather than embossing with a die on a letterpress. I think the way this works is that you print your project on a digital press and then you run the printed sheets through the Scodix 1200 digital press, where the areas designated to stand out are enhanced – raised – to give it dimension and feel. On every samples I received, the areas designated to stand out were, as I said, eye-popping. If you are in the printing business, it would be best if you requested samples, so you can see, first hand, what I’m talking about. My words about the Scodix 1200 process are not doing it justice!

Here’s the information I received in an e-mail from Scodix this morning:

The Scodix team is proud to be the only company focusing on digital print enhancement solutions.
Our focus has lead to the creation of fresh, innovative, eye-­catching and sensory capturing capabilities that open new printing dimensions, effectively changing the meaning of print enhancements in our industry.

Here at Scodix we always make SENSE, and now, at the upcoming DRUPA conference, we make HISTORY!

As one of our valued Scodix friends, we wanted to share our exciting news with you first, before we even present it at DRUPA. We hope that what we have in store for you is as valuable and beneficial to your operations as we think it will be.

At DRUPA 2012, Scodix bursts onto the scene by launching our newly created Scodix Rainbow TM. The Scodix Rainbow is an add-­on station that digitally applies glitter powder to selected areas over printed substrates. The process – Scodix Digital-­Glittering TM– is a patent pending new print technology that brings the sparkle to your printed materials. And as an add-­on, your initial Scodix investment just grows!

Once again Scodix makes history, while demonstrating our commitment to digital print enhancements.

Also at DRUPA 2012, Scodix once again presents a new line of digital presses, the Scodix S Series. With this unveiling we continue our strategy of offering customers a variety of digital print enhancement solutions that differentiate and create an impact in the competitive market we live in. The new Scodix S product line features are all upgradeable at a negligible cost to our current customers.
All Scodix new developments are optional upgrades or modular solutions that can be easily implemented on existing Scodix1200 digital presses, protecting your Scodix investment.

As if we would stop there! Scodix will also unveil the world's first Inkjet-­Braille TM printing technology, Scodix Braille, which will allow PSP's to finally print Braille letters, as well as raised elements and shapes on materials previously reserved for the seeing community.
The Scodix Braille letters and raised elements reach up to 250 micron high on specific materials. More details will be provided at the show.
The written world now opens to the blind and visually impaired through sense reading.

And to round all this off, Scodix will present the Scodix barcode system and the company's re-­branded clear polymer, Scodix Barcode and Scodix PolySENSE TM. Developed to support the Scodix S Digital Press series, this proprietary polymer allows us to provide a complete, high quality digital printing solution to all Scodix customers – the Scodix SENSE TM printing experience.
You have to feel it to believe it!

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