Tuesday, March 13, 2012


On Friday, March 9th, we put up a post on our blog about a company with an iPAD app that’s purportedly going to replace printed blueprints. PlanGrid.com is the company that developed that iPAD app, and, if you did not read our previous post about PlanGrid.com, here’s a link to that post:


This afternoon, David Brownell (David is the current President of the Eastern Regional Reprographics Association) e-mailed me to let me know that one of the co-founding partners (Ryan Sutton-Gee) of PlanGrid.com has an article up on TechCrunch.com. (Thank you, David.)

Here’s the tile of Ryan’s article, a couple of words from the article, followed by a link to the article.

Reprographers, read the article and, afterwards take the time to read the comments to his article.


Article on techcrunch.com by RYAN SUTTON-GEE (March 11, 2012)

(Ryan is one of the founding partners of PlanGrid.com)

Here’s just a short list of some things that will transformed in the next few years as the iPad delivers computing to the construction site:

1. Adios, blueprints

2. Much better communication

3. Hello analytics

And that’s just the beginning. There are already multiple construction focused apps coming on to the market, such as AutoDesk’s AutoCAD WS, Bentley’s Navigator, and my company PlanGrid, but as time goes on we will undoubtedly see more and more useful tools come to market.

Link to the article:



  1. Clarifications:

    David Brownell is the "immediate past President" of the ERA.

    Also, the association is now referred to as the ERA, not the ERRA.

  2. The comments at the end of this article are really something.

    After getting through the sales pitch for this “tablet software”…this helps you explain why paper is important and where software can be helpful. There are many that acknowledge how important paper is and are actually defending it…those that actually work in the field (not just a software peddler)!