Tuesday, March 13, 2012


On March 9th, Service Point Solutions issued a press release to announce a deal between its Swedish operation and Bonnier AB, whereby Service Point will be printing (sounds like one-off printing) books-on-demand from publications in Bonnier AB’s catalog of publications.

For those of you who read Spanish, here’s a link to the Spanish-language version of the Press Release (feliz lectura!)…..


For those of you who do not read Spanish, I used Google-Translate to create an English-language version of the press release. Note that Google-Translate does not do a perfect job.

Okay, here’s the English-language version of the press release:


Service Point accelerates its position in the online publishing sector

• The Swedish subsidiary of Service Point created an integrated production with demand Publit, the publishing company a leader in innovation in Sweden

• Each month the Swedish subsidiary of Service Point printed 5,000 books-most-unique items, a figure expected to double in 2012 thanks to agreements signed with Bonnier AB

Barcelona, March 9, 2012 - The Swedish subsidiary of Service Point has signed a collaboration agreement with Bonnier AB, the lead editorial in the Scandinavian country, to 300 titles from its catalog are available in the new production solution on demand has been launched with Publit, one of the most innovative firms of Swedish publishing industry.

Bonnier AB's bid for the production on demand, which allows you to print to a single copy of a book at a reasonable cost, is a strong endorsement of the integrated solution that created the Swedish subsidiary of Service Point in collaboration with Publit. This solution provides an automated orders to print even a single copy of a book with tight costs and delivery time not to exceed five days from the time of ordering.

"As production is fully integrated, standards are very high quality throughout the process, which has led publishers like Bonnier AB to rely on our solution," explains Per Helin, managing director of Publit. "Our partnership with Service Point will meet the future demands of the publishing industry with the ability to adapt to this joint solution allows printing on demand."’’

The solution Publit Service Point and currently prints about 5,000 books a month, most of them unique copies that have no place in a conventional printing system. In addition, publishers can monetize, thanks to this demand printing solution, their catalogs at a low cost.

"Currently we have 1,400 titles in Publit, a figure that will grow by 20% with the addition of Bonnier AB catalog," said Jimmie Holmberg, CEO of Service Point Sweden. "We are confident that the trust has placed in Bonnier AB Service Point and Publit is translated into new agreements and collaborations both in Scandinavia and the rest of the markets in which we operate," he adds.

It is recalled that in 2011 successfully completed the integration of the Swedish company Holmbergs within the perimeter of activity Service Point.

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