Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dean Southee of RPG weighs in with his thoughts about BIM

The following was posted in the “Reprographics Group” discussion area on LinkedIn, sometime yesterday, and was posted by Dean Southee, who is with RPG. RPG is based in Maryland. If you are a member of the LinkedIn Reprographics Group, you may want to take a couple of minutes to comment on Dean’s post. (Dean and I worked together, many years ago, at Rowley-Scher Reprographics).

“BIM . . . aka, death of a salesman. On the horizon, in a not so distant world looms a virtual environment that will eliminate the need for the traditional reprographic shop as we know it today.

High volume printing, planrooms, document management will become a thing of the past as the ultimate collaboration of BIM evolves into the mainstream, uniting Architects, Engineers, GC's, Subcontractors, Fabricators, Owners and Asset Managers alike. 

What then becomes of the traditional rperographic salesman? Will he/she adjust, or go the way of the typesetting saleman? 

I recently heard a Budweisser regional manager taliing about how they were experiencing losses and made adjustments to become profitable again. The 'adjustments' involved technology changes that elininated around 700 jobs in one plant, leaving around 100 jobs. So, what happened to the 700 employees that were let go? You think Yuengling or Shiner might be hiring? Or are they going in the same direction as Budweisser?

And, did I even spell Budweisser correctly? 

Back to reprographics . . . . . anyone know how to make money hosting and/or managing a BIM model?”

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